There are ads, and they are everywhere.

Recently there appears to be more and more ads on the internet and it's starting to be really annoying.  Browser based ad blockers work well but have 2 major flaws.

  1. It can't block ads on game consoles, mobile devices, smart TV's, or anything you didn't or can't install the browser extension on.
  2. They are being detected more and more by websites which are now requiring that you turn off your ad blocker before viewing the website.

This is why the best solution is a network wide ad blocker.  Pi-Hole is exactly that, it's a DNS (Domain Name System) server that blocks all the known addresses of malicious or advertisement websites.

The Pi-Hole server acts as a middle man between your computer and your main DNS server like google, opendns, your ISP etc... What it does as the middle man is ensure that any known advertisement sites don't get resolved and therefore cannot be reached by anything on the network.  Once the main DNS setting for your entire network is change to a Pi-Hole server then your entire network will now no longer be able to access any malicious or advertisement sites in it's collection of opensource databases.

The web interface

You need a few things to build a Pi-Hole server but it's cheap or free if you already have some of the stuff.

  1. You need something to run the server, it doesn't have to be much.  A Raspberry Pi or an old computer you don't use will work.
  2. Access to your router/firewall to update the DNS settings.
  3. A hardwired network connection to the device that will run the Pi-Hole server.

Once you have those things you just need to follow the steps below to get it up and running.

  1. Install a Linux OS onto the device that will run your Pi-Hole server.  (See Here on how to install Ubuntu)
  2. Get everything updated. (See Here on how to update Debian systems)
  3. Follow the Pi-Hole setup Guide.  (See Here)

Please check out Pi-Hole's website and considering donating, they offer an amazing free and open source solution to network wide ad blocking.